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Welcome to
Walkies with Brody,
a bespoke dog walking service based in West London.


Hayley, founder and owner of Walkies with Brody, was inspired by her beloved dog Brody whom she had for 18 years. Coupled with her passion to work with dogs, Hayley decided to change career and do what she truly loved, dog training and walking. 

In his later years, Brody had some health problems making him very anxious and reactive, giving Hayley valuable insight to walking and caring for senior dogs, but also dogs with reactive and behavioural issues.


Walkies with Brody is a bespoke service, focusing on the wellbeing of your dog, providing a thoughtful and personalised approach, offering 1-2-1 walks, training walks, which is training incorporated in walks, slow walks exclusively for senior dogs, boarding and pet sitting. A small team of reliable, passionate, caring and experienced dog trainers/walkers, giving you peace of mind that your dog is in safe hands. 

Working in partnership with some of London's top dog trainers and behaviouralists, because here at Walkies with Brody the care and wellbeing of your dog is our top priority.  


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About our Services

We offer four services, 1-2-1 dog walks, training walks, slow walks and home-to-home. 

On all walking services, we will collect and walk your dog, returning them back safe and happy. Before leaving we will always make sure the water bowl has fresh water.

With our training walks and when working with reactive dogs, we send detailed handover texts, documenting triggers and strategies implemented to work through those triggers, with regular check-ins throughout to determine if training or goals need to be adjusted.

We offer a free consultation and assessment where Hayley will come to your home to meet

you and your dog. It's a great way to chat about your dogs needs and discuss in more detail

our services and fees. 



  • 1-2-1 DOG WALK

At Walkies with Brody, all of our dogs are walked on a 1-2-1 basis. We find it gives your pup the opportunity to sniff at their own pace and if they want they have time to meet new dogs along the way. Socialisation is very important and satisfying for them, enhancing their enjoyment and confidence. We do lots of enrichment exercises along with agility activities. 


After a thorough meet-and-greet assessment we work towards what you would like us to focus on. A training walk is basic skill training incorporated into a walk together with a management plan, helping to build new skills, develop existing skills or addressing certain behavioural issues. We can work on, socialisation and basic puppy skill training. Basic skills, lead walking skills, recall, fixation and overstimulation. Anxiety or fear to lead pulling. Barking or lunging.

All through our positive reinforcement training methods. It's a wonderful way for your dog to work on their skills practice. We work with reactivity and behavioural issues, offering activities such as enrichment exercises, sniff walks, which can be incredibly calming, helping your dog to unwind or shift focus. Some of our exercises include, sitting on a bench watching the world go by, it's a favourite with our dogs. Detailed handover text, documenting triggers and strategies implemented to work through challenging behaviours throughout the walk, along with a management plan, regular check-ins with you to determine if training goals need to be tweaked or adjusted.


Tailored to meet you and your pets needs, home-to-home is the only service offered for cats too.

Pet sitting in your home. Boarding in the sitter's home and drop in visits.

When pet sitting for half day, prices include two 30 minute walks and potty breaks. When pet sitting for full day, prices include two 60 minute walks and potty breaks. All along with feeding and water bowl check/change. Clean/tidy litter tray for cats. Administering medication if needed. Lots of cuddles and play time with text and photo updates.


A bespoke service, designed to provide a more relaxed, leisurely pace for an older, less active, maybe anxious or disabled dog. It's a slower, lower intensity walk, building trust and confidence.  

We encourage lots of sniff walks in this service. Sniffing provides so much mental stimulation, which is very beneficial in senior dogs. 


1-2-1 WALKS &

One dog-walk

60 minutes 

90 minutes 

Two dog-walk

60 minutes

90 minutes 


More details for pricing can be discussed upon enquiry with Hayley

We do not offer training walks to 2 dog together.


Please note, rates for a

two dog-walk are for dogs

from the same household only.


One dog-walk

60 minutes 

90 minutes 

Two dog-walk

60 minutes

90 minutes 


Slow walks is a bespoke service for senior dogs or dogs with disabilities only.

Eligibility for senior dogs:

Small dogs from 11 years+

Medium-sized dogs from 10 years+

Large-sized dogs from 8 years+

More details for pricing can be discussed upon enquiry with Hayley



Please note, rates for a

two dog-walk are for dogs

from the same household only.




Pet sitting in your home

Half day (4hrs)

Full day (8hrs)


Boarding in my home

Overnight boarding

More details for pricing can be discussed upon enquiry. Hayley will arrange a free consultation with you and your dog to discuss services and prices further.

£10 added for each additional pet.

Please note that weekend, half-terms and bank holidays prices will increase for these services.



Alice, owner of Mia

We are very grateful to Hayley at Walkies with Brody. She puts an incredible amount of time and energy in making walks as positive as they can be and incorporates training into her walks. Our dog has an amazing bond with Hayley and we are so glad to have found her!

Lucy, owner of Arya

If you are looking for a dog walker, look no further. Hayley and Demi are fantastic with our reactive Staffy. We have regular weekly walks and occasionally use the dog sit option for when we are away. Couldn't ask for more from Walkies with Brody, so happy to have someone we can trust with our dog.

Darren, owner of Mylo

I never thought I could let my boarder terrier off lead. Signed up to training walks to focus on recall and basic skill training. Mylo is now off lead with excellent recall. The management plans they do are so helpful, keeps me up to date. Couldn't be happier, highly recommend Walkies with Brody.

Katharine & Will,

owner of Bella 

We have a rescue dog, Bella, who carries a lot of trauma and can be very difficult to handle and settle. Genuinely Bella could not have been better handled, looked after and loved by Hayley. Hayley took a lot of time and thought about how best to work with Bella, always being flexible and nimble to Bella's whims as she navigated the best way to walk and look after Bella. Hayley's thoughtfulness, professionalism and dedicated approach have more than absolutely paid off. Bella ADORES Hayley and could not be happier with her, trusting her entirely and so contented in her company. She pulls me on the lead to Hayley's house most days and her tail nearly wags off when she sees her each time! We genuinely could not recommend Hayley enough and feel completely supported and thought about by Hayley in everything she's done for Bella who is one of the most nervous rescue dogs we know. 

Adam & Emma,

owner of Sidney

A fantastic service! We have used both the 1-2-1 walks and the boarding and couldn’t be happier, Hayley and Demi take such good care of our Sidney and he is so excited when they come to pick him up which says it all really!

Abi, owner of Perry

Hayley & Demi are amazing - they’re so understanding and show great care and love for my dog which I’m very grateful for. I trust them implicitly and Perry loves her walks with them!

Sally, owner of Murphy

We can not recommend Walkies with Brody enough. They looked after our senior dog, making his last days on earth the most wonderful he (and we) could ever imagine. And now looks after our 3 year old bundle of energy who as soon as he sees Hayley or Demi is beside himself excited. He can’t wait to get going with either of them. We’re so lucky to have found Walkies with Brody and whether you have a senior or junior pup, they will be the perfect support and friend to them. 💙

Alice, owner of Mia

We are very grateful to Hayley at Walkies with Brody. She puts an incredible amount of time and energy in making walks as positive as they can be and incorporates training into her walks. Our dog has an amazing bond with Hayley and we are so glad to have found her!

Danielle, owner of Coco

The most professional, caring, reliable and kind person. She walks our anxious dog and is spectacular at advocating for her if ever in an uncomfortable situation. We are so pleased to have found Hayley and trust her fully. Cannot begin to describe how thrilled we are to have found her. Highly recommend.

Joanna, owner of Wrigley

Hayley & her amazing services have been exactly what we have needed for Wrigley, our American beagle mix pup! He loves to go for long walks and play with other dogs but with busy jobs & 2 little kids in the house, Wrigley doesn’t always get that luxury. But with Walkies with Brody, he is getting 3x hour long walks every week and is working hard on becoming an English Gentleman on the leash! Hayley is also available for drop in visits when we have long days out of the house. We always get pictures and videos of Wrigley while he is out on his walks…great peace of mind + it is so fun to see how happy he is!!

Sara, owner of Charlie

Hayley and Demi are absolutely fantastic and care for my dog Charlie exactly as I would. Charlie has stayed over while I was on holiday and away for work and he now has found a second home. I  also had a last minute issue and they were very flexible with pick up.

Ruby, owner of Chica

Hayley has been wonderful with my overseas rescue dog who has behavioural issues. We initially met for a walk and she saw the training techniques and management I use for Chica’s dog reactivity.
Hayley always sends a detailed handover from the walk and has been able to take last minute walks when something has come up for me last minute, which shows she’s very flexible.
Hayley is really friendly and has a calming presence which I think helps with the dogs :)
Recently, my dog was refusing to walk and Hayley discussed this with me (whilst out on the walk) I mentioned it could be tummy problems and she took it at chica’s pace and massaged her tummy and sat with her.

I’d highly recommend Hayley!

Thanos, owner of Minor

The most caring, honest and dog loving people I have come across. Thank you for always being there to look after our senior pup. ❤️

Bonnie, owner of Poppy

Poppy had a fabulous time with Hayley and Demi. Wonderful walks, treats, company and photos!! She’s exhausted and spoilt but very happy and nurtured. Looking forward to the next time 🐶💕 

Gillian, owner of Aslan

A wonderfully caring and reliable dog walker, can be trusted with older dogs like my greyhound and always good with keys too.


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